Mock up Debit Card

Debit Card Features

Your ACB Debit Card has moved to the front of your wallet with these convenient features.

We’re amazed that our ACB Debit Cards still fit in your wallet, they’re so full of new and exciting features.  Luckily, their girth hasn’t changed, but their versatility has!

Click below on the features that most intrigue you, but don’t miss Mobile Wallet, for the opportunity to shop without touching cash, checks, or even your debit card, and Card Alerts, the easiest way to stay on top of your financial situation.

Has your debit card been Lost or Stolen?  Click below to report it quickly, and protect your assets!

Mobile Wallet

Google Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Fitbit Pay, and Garmin Pay make it easy to make in-store or drive up purchases hands-free.

Install the app on your device and enter your card information in the app.  You may need to contact your ACB banker for a quick activation. After your card is activated, your buying process will be much easier and safer!

To use Mobile Wallet:  After you’ve been activated, unlock your phone and place it in the proximity of the POS device in your favorite stores or restaurants.  You’ll hear a chime when it worked!  (Some phones may require face recognition or a passcode after hearing the chime.)

Unsure who accepts Mobile Wallet?  Many places do.  Your Mobile Wallet app may have a locator; scroll down to see the features, including locations.

Be sure to mark your ACB debit card as your default card in the Mobile Wallet on your device!

Travel Alerts

Going somewhere?  Whether it’s to an exotic land or to the Black Hills, you can easily let the ACB fraud department know that you are using your debit card or Mobile Wallet in area other than home for a period of time, right from your ACB Digital Banking session.

Find Travel Alerts: Digital Blue menu; Cards, Alerts & Docs; Manage Cards; Your Card Number; Travel Notification; and then complete the form using city, state, and/or foreign country.

Travel plans change?  Just overwrite your previous travel notification.


PIN Changes

Life just got easier!  You’re now able to change your debit card PIN online.

Find Change PIN here:

  • Digital Blue menu
  • Cards, Alerts, & Docs
  • Manage Cards
  • Your Card Number
  • Change PIN

This process is secure, so you will be prompted to receive a one-time passcode via a device that you previously identified (See OOBA tab under Digital Banking – Security).  Just follow the instructions and you’ll soon have a new PIN!


Temporary Card Spending Limit Increase

Need to buy airline tickets for the family?  Has your refrigerator broken down?  Thinking of buying that kayak? Now you can temporarily increase the spending limit on your debit card (you may be limited to a maximum of the available balance in your account) with no hassle!

Find Request Temporary Spending Limit Increase:

  • Digital Blue menu
  • Cards, Alerts, & Docs
  • Manage Cards
  • Your Card Number
  • Request Temporary Spending Limit Increase
  • Read the disclosure
  • Click Confirm

This process is secure, so you will be prompted to receive a one-time passcode via a device that you previously identified (See OOBA tab under Digital Banking – Security).  Just follow the simple instructions.


You are able to lock your ACB debit card so it can’t be used, either permanently or temporarily.  Just go to the blue digital banking menu; Cards, Alerts, & Docs; Manage Cards; and click the colored box next to the card number box.  A Red OFF banner on the card image means your card cannot be used, green ON means you’re good to go!  You’re in control, so feel free to turn your card off whenever you need to.

AND, if you know you won’t be using your card on a regular basis, you can schedule it to be ON or OFF on your schedule. To enable automatic card ON/OFF: Digital Blue menu; Cards, Alerts, & Docs; Manage Cards; Your Card Number; Enable Automatic On/Off.  Set a schedule that suits you!

Lost or Stolen Card Reporting

This important feature lets you report your ACB debit card misplaced or compromised directly from your favorite digital banking platform.  Report your card lost or stolen when you first miss it, no need to wait!  Faster reporting reduces the opportunity for potentially fraudulent activity.

*Please note that you will no longer be able to use your ACB debit card and it will not be listed in your Manage Card list on ACB Digital Banking after following the steps below.

In ACB Digital Banking:

  • Find Cards, Alerts, & Docs in the blue left-hand menu
  • Click Manage Cards
  • Click the card you’d like to report.
  • Then click Report Lost or Stolen Card
  • Confirm that you feel your card has been lost or stolen by clicking the green Report Card Lost / Stolen bar at the bottom of the screen
  • Close Window

If you’d like an automatic email to be sent to you after you’ve reported your ACB debit card lost or stolen:

In ACB Digital Banking, find Cards, Alerts, & Docs in the blue left-hand menu.  Then click Manage Alerts.  Select the + sign in the blue bar  to open the window.  Select Security from the list of alert types.  Click Alert Type.  Select Card Lost/Stolen Notification. Complete the form, calling the alert Card Lost/Stolen, or anything that will easily identify this alert for future reference.  Select Create.   You will now be notified whenever your card is reported as lost or stolen.

If you discover that your card is missing or has been compromised, you can alternatively call 1-844-202-5333.  If you have flagged your card as lost or stolen in ACB Digital Banking, there is no need to call the 844 number.  

If your card is permanently lost or stolen, you must contact your ACB banker for a replacement card.  If you find you reported your card lost or stolen in error, or if you recover your card, please contact your ACB banker to reactivate your card.  


Transaction Disputes

To dispute a transaction, contact your ACB banker.  See “Locations & Contacts” tab, above, for contact information.

Card Alerts

It’s nice to be notified when your card is used for a transaction and ACB Digital Card Alerts will notify you whether the transaction is approved or denied.

To be alerted by email, text, or both when your debit card is used for approved and/or denied transactions: Digital Blue menu; Cards, Alerts, & Docs; Manage Alerts; Your Card Number under Card Alerts (gray bar); and then complete the form.  (For your convenience, you can also get to the approved/denied alerts by clicking on Manage Cards under Cards, Alerts, & Docs.  Just click the card number, Manage Alerts,  and complete the form.)

Card Activation

Have you received a new debit card from ACB that needs to be activated before you use it?

Simply login to ACB Digital Banking; access the menu; click Cards, Alerts & Docs; and click Manage Cards. Click the arrow next to the card that requires activation, then click Activate.

Opt In to Debit Card Overdrafts

An overdraft occurs when you do not have enough money in your account to cover a transaction, but we pay it anyway.  We will not authorize and pay overdrafts for ATM and everyday debit card transactions unless you ask us to.

Please click here for information about opting in to ATM and everyday debit card transaction overdrafts.