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ACB Digital Banking

“ACB Digital Banking makes my life much more efficient!” – Many Satisfied ACB Customers

We are so pleased to offer a robust field of digital services and features to you, our valued customers.  And all are at no additional cost to you!

You’ll find some of our favorites and how to implement them here.   Let us know which you like the best!

(P2P) Spin

Pay a friend or vendor quickly, easily, and with no need to touch checks, plastic, or even cash!

With P2P, paying a debit cardholder is as easy as knowing their phone number or email address.

Just login to ACB digital banking; access Move Money on the blue menu under Pay, Transfer, & Receive; click New Transaction and the account you’d like to pay from.  At the bottom of the screen find +ADD NEW PAYEE, click Person to Person, and follow the prompts.

Your friend will receive a text message or email asking for debit card number and expiration date.

To make the payment, navigate back to the Move Money screen (Digital Banking, blue side menu, Pay, Transfer, & Recieve), New Transaction, and choose the account the money will come from. Then choose the person you’d like to pay from the list of recipients, complete the form, and Submit. Your friend will get a text or email informing them of your immediate payment.

See?  Quick, easy, and simple.  Just the way you like your banking!

NEW!  INCLUDE AN EMOJI in the NOTE section of your P2P message.

Digital Banking Alerts

Customize your ACB Digital Banking alerts to fit your lifestyle!

Are you logging into ACB Digital Banking each morning to see your available balance?  Or are you wondering if a particular check has cleared?  ACB Digital Banking offers a wide variety of alerts to help you streamline your day.   Check the Custom Alerts section (in the Documents & Settings tab) for  Available Balance alert, Check Cleared alert, Low Balance alert, Debit Card Transaction (Approved/Denied) alert, and more.  You can also find your business banking alerts, your ACB bill pay alerts, and general security alerts here.

Find Custom alerts, Business Banking alerts, Bill Pay alerts, and Security Alerts: Digital Blue menu; Cards, Alerts, & Docs; Manage Alerts; Click the + sign in the My Alerts blue banner; choose the category you desire; and complete the form.

Digital Security

Sometimes we may ask you to take some steps or answer some questions that may seem silly, or out-of-place.  But we follow the guidelines of experts across the world in developing the steps to make sure that it’s only you, and not a shady stranger, accessing your personal information and accounts.