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“... provides the best value I’ve seen so far. It can help you verify the direction you’re going or make clear if you need to think about another direction. It replaces a boutique CPA analysis – at a tenth of the cost or less.”
CEO, Electronics Manufacturing Firm.

What is ACB Analytics?

ACB Analytics goes beyond providing data and information over spread sheets and dashboards that too often require someone with a finance background to translate.

We bring knowledge right to you, the business owner, without all the finance lingo or jargon. Because we provide actionable information, you can immediately begin making smarter and more profitable decisions for your company.

Predictive algorithms let you see future operating performance and financial stability. ACB Analytics provides recommendations and shows the most probable impacts of new actions to the bottom line.

ACB Analytics doesn’t compete with CPA firms, your CFO, or financial consultants. Instead, your strategic snapshot highlights what is working and what is not working so you can dig into the details and quickly guide your organization to new growth and vitality.

Questions Frequently Asked By Business Owners:
  • What is our most profitable product or service? Why?
  • How do markets and customers affect profitability?
  • What actions should be taken to improve the business now and into the future?
  • What is the cost of waiting?

ACB Analytics Provides Answers:
  • Predictive "What If" financial models.
  • Key performance indicator tracking.
  • Competition comparisons.
  • Cash flow performance diagrams.

Benefits To You:
  • A clear picture of WHY your company is profitable…or not, and what to do about it.
  • The ability to focus existing operations on exactly how to get more cash flow and profitability.
  • Renewed confidence in how much your company can spend – and what best to spend it on.
  • The end to nefarious cash flow leaks.

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